Administering Erythromycin

So in the last week Baby Z had been feeling a little under the weather.

Thinking it was the weather making her sick we didn’t really put too much notice on it. Until halfway through the week she began feeling quite low. My friend from Baby Z ballet class added to my concern as she kept rubbing her eyes. By evening, baby Z was feeling feverish, coughing and she fell asleep way before bedtime even after she had enough of a nap during the day. Thinking it was hayfever I rang the doctors and booked an appointment for the following day.

Going doctors, we got checked up, she had a temperature, throat was red and her breathing was fast. Diagnosis, she had an infection. The first in her life.

Baby Z was put on Erythromycin Antibiotics medication for 7days, 4 times a day. We weren’t sure about giving antibiotics but had no choice as she was still feeling rough.

So on came the experimental antibiotic giving. The first time we gave it plain and she took it, after that we struggled. She figured out the taste and hated it. We actually ended up tasting a bit ourselves and wow was it horrible!

Let’s start chemistry class. We tried the dosage with yogurt, after a few spoonfuls, she fought back. Then dipping the med with her flavoured crisps, turned out to be too messy. (And got hardly anything in). Next we added runny honey to the medicine and began syringing it but the consistency was too thick so it took two syringes to complete a 5ml dose of medicine. Plus, she couldn’t swallow it easily so kept spitting it out! That’s when we started mixing more.
I added her pear and apple pouch and honey to the medicine to see what the outcome was and were we surprised.

So here it is in the correct consistency…

5ml of Erythromycin Antibiotics
4 small drops of pear and apple fruit pouch
1/2 a teaspoon runny honey

Mix together well in a bowl and syringe.

The mixture will be one syringe full and should be sweet enough for baby to take.

Another thing we do whilst giving it to Baby Z is tell her all the stuff we will give her afterwards to eat. (Helps to keep her motivated to taking the medication).

After all of that, we give a big kiss and a cuddle and finally a nice chocolate biscuit to sweeten the taste buds! (Only whilst she’s ill of course).

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