Adventures with ‘Baby’

Baby and me, we love baby. Sleep with baby, eat with baby, roam around with baby… What would life be without… Baby!


Recently Baby Z has become very attached to Dolly, or in her words ‘Baby’. Honestly I thought I wouldn’t see the day where she would be so attached to a materialistic item. She never had an interest in anything else as much as she has for this. Her love and affection for baby goes further than her love for any other item.

I have to say what is great is that we can now control some of her actions and behaviours by saying baby is doing them too. Like getting dressed like a good girl or drinking all her water. What I love most is watching her carry out little actions by being a mummy like I would do for her. For example this morning she woke up and waited till daddy got up. She went to get baby and a new dress and made daddy change baby’s dress. Once she was satisfied she hugged baby and walked off with the ‘dirty dress’ to put in her wash basket! 16 months and already she’s acting like mummy. It really made us laugh.

Keep tuned to see what adventures Baby Z and Baby will get up to next…

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