Afterbirth Information

From my experience of afterbirth care, I came to a conclusion… There is too much contradicting information out there.

Funnily enough this even comes from within the NHS. First time parents are spun around by the different midwives that visit them and further by the different information given by each one. It is a shock that even they cannot give one uniformed answer to newbie parents questions or concerns.

An example of this is diagnosing colic. We spoke to three different midwives and each gave us different information, yet non told us about anti-colic bottles. If you want to mix between bottle and breast then get your baby to ‘cup feed’ which is drinking from the bottle lid so it mimics drinking from breast. They don’t of course tell you that this increases your babies air intake which results in gassy baby. None of the midwives agreed that she was colic as her symptoms couldn’t be classed as ‘prolonged screaming, crying and her body scrunching in pain’ – there was a lot of all three.

Then there is family… Who I have to say do give correct advice – tried and tested if you know what I mean. We spoke to the midwives about giving Z cooled boiled water as she had begun bottle feeding, they said there was no need as everything was sufficient in milk. Z began to get constipated which didn’t help the night colic attacks! My family persuaded us to try a small amount of water everyday and voila it worked… We had a big poop! If we stuck to the words of the professional practice then Z wouldn’t have pooped in days. Even now we give her a bottle of water a day to drink and she guzzles it.

There are a lot of things that can be done differently, rather than confusing new parents they need to get their information uniformed and give the same answer rather than different ones.

Also trust your family… They have done it before so not everything they say is incorrect just like not everything the NHS says is correct.

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