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From day one we have always been very strict on what both Z and A drink. We wanted them to be used to water more than anything else. We never once mixed baby juice into Z water so she would drink it. In honesty the girl didn’t try juice or sweetened water till she was 2 and a half. That may seem a bit mean as parents but our main concern was her not getting used to the taste of plain water and hence relying on sweetened water. However as a surprise she has taken on to water extremely well and so has A. Z knows she is only allowed juice or flavoured water when she is at parties but other than that it’s the normal. On occasion she will have fresh fruit juices but even that is limited.

The way we see it, is that we have a control over what she eats and drinks for now… the minute she grows a bit older, she will be pulling the reins and water will be the last thing she will be drinking. So why not fill her up now and if the habit stays then fantastic – but from our own experience – it’s so very unlikely.

So when Appy Kids Co contacted us to trial out their juices for kids, I was at first apprehensive. We looked on to their site to see what was different about them compared to other kids juices. At the end of the day I did not want to trial out anything that had additives or preservatives that would make these monsters into more monsters! But was very surprised.

These juices are made using water and fruit concentrate making it very light in taste and look. It also uses a very small amount of natural sweetener called steviol glycoside rather than artificial sweeteners. This helps to highlight the flavour of the juices without overpowering the sugar content – ultimately not making hyper kids! The juices are also vegan and vegetarian friendly which was a nice thing to see as vegan-ism especially is becoming very popular amongst families. So being able to taste a product and give a product that promotes that to the kids was a nice addition. Appy Kids Co promote their healthy outlook to families through their food and drink products – the use of no GMOs, gluten, artificial sugars or artificial preservatives do help to promote better eating and drinking and a nicer lifestyle. The taste of the product without these items in actual fact helped to increase their likeliness for us to purchase them in the future as well as not think about when to give these drinks to the kids.

Appy Kids Co have an ethical way of producing the products – from sourcing, farming to producing, manufacturing and packaging. They believe in fair trading and providing work for women in farmlands. They also provide materials and plants for constant re-production as well as making sure farmers are kept in work. When it comes to packaging the company makes sure that they use renewable materials that can be recycled or reproduced as well as making sure it keeps a longer shelf life date promoting less food wastage making it a win win for families.

For us we loved trialling out the juices. We were sent a selection of their Pouch Range which had 3 different flavours; Orange juice, Mixed Berries and Multi-fruit. Each pouch had an individual taste that actually resembled fruit and nothing seemed over powered in sweetness. The pouch itself was filled to the max, which was a good thing but was also a bit of a downside. It was great getting lots of juice in each pouch which meant it is definitely value for money, however with a straw insert it sometimes leaked once the hole was punched into the pouch. Not bad for adults as we could control it but Z had some trouble which meant she would have to sit still and drink a bit before she could get up and drink if she wanted to.

The pouches were packed lunch size and was great when we took them out on road trips as it quenched our thirst without the need for anything else. What I loved was that for the kids parties I normally end up buying juice drinks and diluting them down but this year on Z 5th birthday we had a selection out of the party table for the kids. The designs on the pouches are kid friendly, fun and inviting with the use of popular characters everyone knows for example, Paw Patrol and Dora the Explorer. So within a party setting they looked great. The kids were happy and didn’t go hyper on the drinks and the parents were pleased that they weren’t being given sugar induced drinks.

Honestly before I gave Z these drinks to try I tried it out myself (I have issues I know). But I wanted to see what it was like and how different it was compared to other brands on the shelves. I was pleasantly surprised and was a lot more comfortable in giving her the drinks. We found that even straight from the pouch the drinks were great but for us adult we would use it as a mixer to tonic water and it was delicious! So this drink is really an all rounder. Knowing it only has goodness for the kids but can be used and drunk by adults in whichever form they like.

These drinks are really Appy from production all the way to consumption.

If you would like to try out Appy Kids Co products take a look at their site and their stockists.

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