Artist in the Making

We love being artistic and Baby Z Loves getting her hands dirty…so we paint! Hand paint to be precise.

We have been making birthday cards this year for the grandparents and a lot of random paintings for the fridge.

It’s so amazing seeing her skills develop, and when I look at what she did when she was four months old to what she does now at 10 months. There is so much difference. Her strokes are now finger strokes rather than simple hand prints, she wants to hold and attack the paper herself rather than letting us place her hand gently on the paper. She chooses the colours in the palette herself instead of just stamping her hands in anything we laid out.

So this year as I did a small Charity Tea Party for Cancer Research UK we decided to auction of one of her works as a donation. It’s was lovely, we made some money for a great cause and grandma got the painting lol. (They’ll do anything for their grandchild’s work)

Have a look at baby Z the artist and let me know what you think of her work.



Auctioned Painting



Done at 10 Months Old



Done at 4 Months Old



Baby Z the Artist

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