Aveeno Baby emollient cream

What timing… no seriously. We have Mr A and Aveeno create a new baby friendly cream! I was seriously jumping up and down with joy when I saw the advert pop up on my social media site.

Obviously the next thing to do was to send daddy to go buy it. Why not? we have had such a wonderful experience with Z and Aveeno before.

Even though Baby A was only a couple of weeks old, I did not want to go through the same experience of eczema that we had to go through with Z when she was born. During our time with Z we struggled to find anything remotely suitable for her sensitive skin – even with all the recommendations by the doctors. This lead us to getting Dermol and Emollient cream as well as a steroid cream ‘Hydrocorsodine’ which is something we really did not want to use on her baby skin.

From experience I had already cut off all the creams that we used previously on Z (sadly she seems like the test subject) and I knew that until it got bad the doctor wouldn’t actually provide the Emollient and bath cream. Mr A has just as sensitive skin as his sister, so when we did purchase Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Cream I started to use it straight away. Not only on him but also on myself – that way I could see what it would do on his semi-dry patches.

The cream was so soft, cooling, and light. It felt like the moisture was being encapsulated in the skin spreading the cream to layers that weren’t being touched by other products. The after effect, was softened skin with no reaction for baby sensitive skin. Like Aveeno Daily Moisturising cream, the Baby version also has Oats which help to provide nourishment to the skin which is exactly what it needs at any age when fighting different environments and elements.

We love this cream and are very pleased at the outcome and amount of control we were able to have in protecting Baby A skin before it got worse. It seems like Aveeno is becoming our family favourite.

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