From saying our first word of ‘Mum’ at the age of 4 months, we have now started to increase our alphabet. Missing the letter ‘A’ we have quickly moved to the letter ‘B’.

Babba, Baby, Bib, Ball, Bowl, Bee and Boo are all Baby Z favourite words. She recognises the letter and either points to object or brings it to you when asked. What I love the most is when she tries to repeat the ‘Buzzing’ of the bee an then shouts for ‘Baby’ over and over again at the top of her voice as if, baby will get up and come to her all on her own.

As parents we did wonder how out of all the letters in the alphabet did she move towards ‘B’ first, until I started to listen to my own voice and conversations. I have to say I do say ALOT of words with the letter ‘B’, not only that, she has a lot of toys and objects around her that start with it too.

Never the less, it is a beautiful thing listening to your little one start to talk, as not only can you finally understand them but  you can recognise how they’re voice will sound in the future.

From letter ‘B’ we will now need to work on letter ‘A’ or ‘C’ – lets see which one she swings towards next!

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