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I found Babease when I was pregnant last year. They intrigued me and my love for organic and baby food. I followed them through their social media journey to learn more and decided that when it was time for number two to start weaning, they were going to be my go to brand. With Z we stuck with Ella’s Kitchen as we loved it and its ethos, especially as they were the only ones around 4 years ago that concentrated on organic produce. This time even though we have introduced Ella’s Kitchen, I as a mum also wanted to try something new. So when bumping into Babease at The Baby Show in Excel I gathered the opportunity to talk to them in person about their baby food and why it stood out.

Babease is concentrated on vegetarian dishes. This works out brilliantly for us as we can have a wide range of choices to feed Mr A with – as the only meat we eat is halal which limits our choices on certain brands that have a large selection of meat dishes. Babease on the other hand have a wide range with exotic and varied tastes. From quinoa to kale they have catered to add healthy and different tastes that baby wouldn’t normally try from the age of 4+. This opens their taste buds to a variety of foods and gives them a bigger palette.

From experience with Mr A, I have found that he has loved every single pouch we have fed him, and we have fed him at least one of every pouch that Babease have produced. The different levels of ingredients with the mixtures of brown rice and quinoa as well as heavier vegetables like butternut squash fill Mr A up quicker and for longer, which is great when you have a hungry baby that literally gobbles his dinners down.

As a parent I was very surprised at the amount of information each pouch gave in easy format that could be read quickly. The packaging is bright and stands out from the rest of the brands on the shelves, especially as each pouch is packed in its own individual card wrapper. At the back of each card packaging is a pie chart that gives a visual of the type of ingredients and quantity of each in that specific pouch. This is in addition to the normal regulations of the ingredients list and nutritional information.

When you open the card wrapper to take the pouch out that is when you as a parent get a surprise – I most definitely did, as it wasn’t expected. The entire inside of the pack is dedicated to ‘Mum’ however dads will also appreciate it. They have a different recipe created for the parent that is easy to make and keeps us full with a balanced diet so that we are not forgetting ourselves in the rush of looking after baby. I loved this part of the packaging as it was so thoughtful and no one as of yet has created something for the parents and linked it to baby food packaging. It was nice to see that not only are Babsease looking out for our little baby but they had even thought of looking out for us as parents.

In the last month Babease have grown even more this time by landing a deal with Tesco which has opened up more doors and is helping to provide a larger audience of little tasters. So if you are wondering what to feed your baby tonight, pop along to the baby aisle and pick up a pouch to a new, exotic dish that both you and your little one are going to love!

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