Baby Ballet

From Baby Music classes to our new adventure… Baby Ballet.

As I would love Baby Z to learn ballet later as a hobby, I started searching for ballet classes and voila, we came across ‘Baby Ballet’. The classes start from the age of 6 months and gradually become actual ballet lessons. The more I read about them the more excited I got. It couldn’t get better.

The day arrived, Baby Z and me got ready and went to the class. The environment was so friendly and inviting. Baby Z couldn’t wait to start mixing with everyone and having a look around.

Even though the session was 45 mins long, it was packed up with fast paced activities that included stretches and ballet poses. Playing with puppets and moving around under bubbles. Walking, twirling and playing instruments all incorporated the ideals of ballet and sensory. Ideal for her age.

We enjoyed the class so much that we can’t wait for the next one… I’m already so tempted to buy her a baby tutu but I’ll wait until class three.

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