Baby Ballets Ballerina

Ballet… Mama’s dream and well now Baby Z love. At 7 months after finishing Baby Music at the local library I went on the hunt for more classes. After searching the internet, I had a few things in my mind either for little monkey to go ballet, swimming or start gymnastics. Oddly the only thing that came up local and the least expensive was ballet at the famous Baby Ballet. So after a little more enquiring, we went into their first class for a 3 day trial. The teacher Miss Laura was amazing, the parents were friendly and the kids all got on. What I loved was even at that age the classes had a sense of ballet embedded in them even though it was all mainly sensory play with bubbles and song-dance co-ordination.  

As the classes are held once a week, it is a really good initiative to get Baby Z into a routine and get ready for the classes to meet her friends. After the initial 3 classes I knew we were going to carry this on, so off I went shopping for Baby Z ballerina outfit. Luckily after shopping around I found a brilliant deal in our local Sainsbury’s that did the entire ballet outfit – from tights to the full tutu leotard. Having to buy a bigger size as they had run out of anything that could fit madam, I had to do some serious alterations but it fit perfectly and luckily it now grows with her.

Baby Z has advanced with the class and it is amazing watching her grow from a tiny little thing who could hardly move around, to now jumping up and down and following all of the instructions given by her teacher. Having made more friends now that she is that little bit older has helped her grow and communicate with other kids her age whom she sees on a weekly basis. Recently we got her the Baby Ballet DVD for part of her second birthday present and in combination to the classes this was an excellent buy. On the random rainy afternoons or during the half-term holidays we put it on and it’s great because she can keep up with her practice whilst still getting excited about class. Not only that but I noticed a massive difference to when we would practice at home to her having the DVD to practice with. The class sessions were a lot more appreciated and she now knows everything she is going to do in each of her lessons just by the sound of the music.

Another great thing about Baby Ballet is after each class you get a stamp or a sticker which is a brilliant incentive for Baby Z to concentrate within her actual class sessions. On top of that at the end of each term they receive a lovely certificate to say that they have completed a certain level. This is brilliant especially for me, as I love collecting all the certificates she has achieved and even have a folder for them… This lesson at the end of the term, gives the kids encouragement to go and collect their own certificates and be congratulated on their hard work – which they absolutely love.

Knowing how much Baby Z enjoys and loves these classes, I would keep her going in them till she wants to. It’s the perfect little activity where we get to spend time together and as a parent I get to see her grow in to a beautiful ballerina – my dancer.


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