Back to Work

Going to work after a year long maternity was extremely hard for me, but to leave my little daughter behind was harder. Even though she was only with her father and that also for two days in the week, it still stung me to feel like I had missed a whole day in her life! Since I fell pregnant she was with me, so technically this was for a year and 9 months… You can imagine my agony.

I felt so guilt tripped that I bought her loads of little things on my way back from work… I didn’t know if she had missed me the way I did. Though when I got home all I heard were excited shrieks and a hurried bum shuffle towards the front door. Grabbing her in my arms it felt like I could hold her forever…. Until she decided she’d rather jump to the floor and grab her toy.

I know she misses me as much as I do her, but I guess at least she’s with her dad and in the comfort of her own home.

Time will make it easier…

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