Back to work after Maternity Leave

After a year off anyone will find it hard to get up for work, let alone head back to work after maternity leave. These last few months have been a block to me, I haven’t been (don’t want to be) prepared to leave the kids and head back to the 9-5; well in my case shift work.

Even though this last year has been hard on some part I have loved creating our own timetable. One that works so well for the four of us. To spending time with the kids and creating a business. I occupied myself so much that I have fallen in love with my busy created life with work being something in the far distance.

For the last month I have been convincing myself that somehow I won’t need to head back. This got to the point where 4 months ago I started to have anxiety attacks! I have never had them before and I most definitely didn’t have them when I was returning back to work after having Z. This time just felt different – with me not wanting any change.

But the first morning had arrived and as I got up to get ready to leave, Mr A woke up crying, picking him up Z woke up and looked at me in a confused manner, “Why are you wearing that?” staring at my formal dress. She then actually started to cry. This girl even made me cry after her continuous asking for me not to go back to work. But after I promised I wouldn’t be long and I’d be back at dinner time, I actually got a strong cuddle by a girl we have to beg to get any type of cuddles from any more.

Kids Really know how to throw you off your game even more than you are. In actual fact I never thought she would react like that, when I last left her to go to work she was only a year old and after time it just became normality for the two of us. But this one year off has bonded us more that I thought it had. Even though she’s at school for 3 hours every day we still spend every waking moment around each other. If this is what happens when I’m off to work for the first time in ages I wonder how I’m going to be when she goes off full time to big school in September.

My tips to survive the first day:

1. Give big hugs and kisses and tell them you’ll be home before they know it

2. Check in continuously (on every break you get)

3. Take home something special just for them

4. Try not to think about the kids (hard… very hard)

5. Hope it takes forever for tomorrow to turn up so you don’t need to leave them again so soon

6. Get home and give them big massive cuddles because you have by far been the most missed person today!

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