Bath Time Woes…

The first time we gave our baby a bath she screamed! Even though we were excited she wasn’t very impressed.

It got better, and then worse…. one bath time she began screaming again, now she would cry every time her feet would touch the water. We decided to ignore her cries, if we gave into her, she wouldn’t ever come out of it. As it is we knew the temperature of the room and water was perfect and she even had her favourite bath toys with her.

We would sing her songs, and get her to kick the water until she was occupied enough for me to wash her hair. As parents we didn’t show her any type of negativity or fear, we continued bathing her every night and showed our unity against her cries. Slowly her cries calmed down and she began to settle again. This took us about a month but our persistence paid off and now she can’t get enough of her bath time.

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