Beakers and More!

Baby Z and our journey to finding a beaker that suits her. I have to say I never thought something so simple would take so much time! You buy a beaker, fill it with water and give to the child to drink. But no, Baby Z likes to make things a little difficult.

I was told that finding the perfect beaker does take time, so I asked lots of questions and tips on different beakers. As you can see I tried a good few of them…


We did the whole, drinking in the bath to get practice, and giving lots of positive encouragement to using the beaker.. But no avail. She loved her bottle too much. So coming up to a year old, I started to worry a bit.

The health visitor advised me to try out a squash drink bottle… It worked for a day! So then we tried to teach her to suck. She would drink her smoothies out of the Ella kitchen pouches so we bought her the straw beaker… Again, nada.

This went on for a while, Baby Z dada bought home a tall tippie beaker. And voila, she actually took to it. She face up on her bottle and started to drink out of that. With help of course.

And well now… She’s a bit of a pro!


The winner is….


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