Biotin for Hair Loss

After Mr A was born I started to loose A LOT of hair and when I mean a lot I mean patches! I had never experienced that previously so was very surprised when it happened post birth with Mr A. Having naturally thick and heavy hair it didn’t occur that I could ultimately go semi bald… I had seen it from my cousins but they had thin lighter hair compared to me.

Hair falling in the bath, when brushing or even lightly being touched. I would find hair strands everywhere – a very annoying thing when you’ve literally just hoovered. This continued for a couple of months till I couldn’t leave my hair open any more and I definitely knew that the after birth vitamins were not helping hair loss at all.

Daddy and I went on the hunt for something else that was concentrative to hair loss and after much hunting and deliberating we came across Biotin tablets by Solgar. These had 10,000mcg of biotin in each capsule which is the hair growth vitamin. This was a much higher dose than we had seen in any other vitamins and the reviews all looked positive so we took the plunge.

I stopped all my other vitamins to keep safe and started on Biotin. 1 everyday – within a month I saw a massive improvement. Funny enough my hair growth was solely concentrative on my head, I didn’t get any extra hair anywhere else (which was one of my concerns). Seriously who needs more body hair to deal with!

The biotin not only helped my growth, but also strengthened the roots, helped create a shine to my locks and the random rough strands finally became smooth. After 3 months of use I stopped the capsules and my hair transformed back to how it was before I was pregnant. 7 months down the line I haven’t had the need to take the tablets again and instead use organic shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair strong and nourished.

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