Bottle to Milk Beaker

As baby z was bottle fed till the age of well 1 years old. We decided that the time had come to manoeuvre to a beaker for milk time. The task wasn’t an easy one as she was so used to drinking from a bottle and found it to be her comforter.

As parents we tried and tried. By tricking her by putting milk in a beaker and giving it but no it wasn’t going to work. This continued till she was 17 months old and she caught a horrible infection. The first in her life. Ending up on antibiotics it kicked the milk out of the window and the poor thing suffered for a week. But this turned out to be a calling for us, a chance to re-train her, our manoeuvre from bottle to beaker began.

After the initial start up of milk resumed we decided to hide her bottles and show her the beaker instead. As she had had a break for a week from milk she wasn’t concerned at all in what she was drinking the milk in, as long as she was getting it!

We were so glad, finally the bottle got flung out of the door and baby z started fully fledged on a milk beaker. Our girl was growing up and no more 20 parts for mummy to sterilise and clean.

.Milk bottle to Beaker

Patience really is virtue! Bliss

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Mama to two beautiful kiddies, Z and Mr A. My passion for writing began after we had Z and I suddenly found my muse. I love the way my life has turned since and with my little muses growing up I am finding more inspiration to write day by day.

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