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Bread, Bread and more Bread

Before going Spain we didn’t really feed Z bread, as we always said we would use fresh baked over ready packaged.

This was only because of the amount of preservatives and additives in the ready packaged bread. Especially as my partner sometimes makes homemade bread. We knew we didn’t want her to become accustomed to too many artificial ingredients.

When we went for our first meal on holiday they served up freshly baked bread as part of the starter. After her interest became more prominent into what we were having, we decided to give her a tiny piece from the middle.

There began her absolute love for bread!

So every dinner time we would let her have some bread on her own ‘finger feed’ whilst we ate some. It really made her feel important and defiantly made dinner times outside a lot of fun! We are definitely continuing this at home just not everyday…

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Mama to two beautiful kiddies, Z and Mr A. My passion for writing began after we had Z and I suddenly found my muse. I love the way my life has turned since and with my little muses growing up I am finding more inspiration to write day by day.

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