Brilliance in Blogging and Brit Mums

For mother’s day I had been giving subtle hints to my other half to get me tickets to go to Brit Mums Awards… now these subtle hints, weren’t very subtle. But hey behold, he understood them and voila on Sunday arrived my tickets!!! Woohoo. So much happiness.

Since I started blogging, I had researched a lot about blogging and its different dimensions. I knew the one place to be was part of Brit Mums as that was definitely the happening community. So after moving across to an actual webpage I registered and voila I was accepted. This led me to exploring the world within Brit Mums and blogging and venturing into an area I had never been part of. Not only did it help me connect with other bloggers but it also gave me an avenue to spread my work from my site for other bloggers to read.

When I realised that Brit Mums had an events conference and Awards ceremony I couldn’t wait to take part. So rolling into 2015 I was ready to work towards taking part in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards as well as getting tickets to the Events conference. Having completed one on my list, I started working on the Brilliance in Blogging awards. Even though I haven’t been blogging for an extremely long time like some other bloggers out there, I still believe that if you like what you’re reading then why not give it a nomination.

Every vote counts and even though I doubt very much I will get an award this year, I would love to see the love you guys have for us being spread so at least we know we are on the right path of our blogging journey.

If you would like to give us a nomination, we are going for the New Voice and Family categories.

Thank you in advance x

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