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A baby bag is a massive decision, well at least it was one for me. For months I couldn’t find the perfect one.

I knew I wanted a bright colour, a unique design and trying to keep within a budget of some sort. After all, this was going to be my sole bag for a few years.

Luckily I had booked to go to the Baby Show in Earls Court. We walked through many stalls with the purpose of going home with a baby bag. I have to say there were quite a few interesting choices and prices. In fact one bag did catch our eye as it was a practical design with different labels for separate compartments. However the colours were plain and to me looked dull.

Then there was the total opposite, designer style, mama baby combo in chic material with clear inside pockets. I have to say it did look lovely, except for its extortionate price tag.

After nearly giving up hope and getting annoyed! We walked past a MomyMoo stall. And oh my each box began to tick itself off… Colours-bright, designs-unique, material, size, inside space all tick tick tick! They had some beautiful patterns on their bags, some I had never seen on baby bags before.

Then on the top shelf I saw it! Sitting proudly in a majestic blue and light beige, beautiful mehndi patterned (my favourite) bag. When I took a closer look it had a matching changing mat, a clear pocket that was the length of the bag for dirty clothes, a separate section for nappy care and bottles/feeding time essentials. An external zip pocket that I keep her all important Red book in so it doesn’t get damaged. Two thermal bottle holders on the sides and two front pockets that keep my lipsticks and Baby Z’s all important toys safe. This bag has a wipe clean surface so after a lot of use and a trip to Spain it actually still looks new! Plus the price tag was actually decent.

This is definitely a love of mine and a major hit! As it is trendy, and holds all the important pieces of Baby Z’s and my outdoor life. Absolute Love!

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