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Chicco Table Seat

When Z was born we were given a brilliant gift that fits perfectly into feeding our little one. In the beginning as she was so small we would feed her in her bouncer, but as she was able to sit up more we moved her into ‘the Chicco quick adjust table seat’.

As we are in a flat there is not much room for a conventional high chair which have large bases. This high chair joins to the table with two hinges, therefore there isn’t a base to consider. Furthermore you can easily detach it from the table and take it away with you. Z loves the colour as well as the many characters on the seat, which she has made into her meal time buddies.

Reason we love it as parents… Well, we can finally eat as a family together at the table and Z can experience proper meal times whilst showing off her hand painting skills with her food. We couldn’t have asked for more, especially when it comes to such an important part of the day and a learning curve for the little one.


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