Chitter Chatter

Ga ga, goo goo, baa baa, boo boo are all sounds to us grown ups but to little ones they’re words to communicate with.

Baby Z has begun to string words together and use certain words in correct form. Learning words like ‘nooo’, ‘Donno’ and ‘oh nooo’. She uses them with me and her ‘da da’ to answer simple questions or when she drops something, she watches it fall and says ‘oh nooo’.

It’s quite hilarious as some of the words she reacts with when we speak to her are said with specific facial movement and vocal emotion.

Stringing certain words together has also been a recent discovery which is mainly used to order ‘da da’ around. Much to ‘da da’s’ dismay of course. I’m guessing it’s her way of practicing for the future.

Baby Z my little chatterbox…


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