Curiosity and Baby Z

It is nice to know that Baby Z is a very curious toddler. She loves to ask questions like “why?” and “how?” on pretty much everything. We are actually going through a phase of “who bought me this…?” with literally everything in the house.

She even gets into a bit of a huff if we are explaining something to her and she sees something she needs to get answers to ‘urgently’. Only once we have answered her question will she go quiet and listen to us again. Madam’s questions are sometimes very clever that even we get surprised by what she has asked or said. Honestly I’m not sure where she gets it from, but it’s nice knowing that she wants to learn lots, especially as she doesn’t go to nursery yet so we have to be her abundance of knowledge.

What I love best though, is her curiosity in books, this girl can sit with a book for ages especially one that she enjoys. Every night before bed time is story time with either daddy or me. She has begun telling us her own version of the stories now from the pictures.

Baby Z and Curiosity

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