Dentist Dilemma

We had our first ever dentist appointment over the weekend. Even though Baby Z is only 18 months old I thought it appropriate for her to get a check up done as she’s got pretty much a full set up to her first molars. So after practicing at home on opening her mouth and saying ‘ahhhh’ we thought, great she’s got it! No problems for the weekend.

How mistaken were we. Getting to the dentist was fine, even waiting in the reception area was great. She was chatting away like usual, even though the smell of the dentists made my teeth hurt.

It was once we were in the room, seeing the big chair, my little girl became so overwhelmed. She went all quiet… It was such a big chair for such a small room, even if the dentist was friendly. We got her to sit on me for the checkup and that’s where the trouble began. She clammed her mouth shut and stared at the dentist.
She weren’t having non of it.

After much persuasion, from all of us, she opened her mouth up slowly only to say… ‘No’ and shut it again. That was it… Nada. Nothing, she wasn’t giving in.
Even the sticker didn’t help.

The minute we left the room the little madam was so happy, saying bye to the dentist knowing she’d got away…

There’s always her next appointment to wait for…

Let’s see.

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