Dr PawPaw 7-in-1 hair treatment styler

Mummy needs some serious TLC and so does her hair! I hardly ever go and get my hair cut or styled (bad I know) – but the amount of time/effort and money that goes on it just kills it for me and I just think I could spend it on something more important – like the monthly shop or something Z needs.

Therefore my hair only gets done twice a year – every 6 months and each time it goes through a dramatic change which helps my sanity and makes me feel great. This by the way does not include any new products being bought – I always just use standard products or my regular drop of Argan Oil by MiaFlora after I wash my hair. I have to say I do love this product and it has helped me in many ways since Z was born as my hair had the dramatic fallout!  But sometimes all you want to do is splurge on something new and exciting.

This is where Dr.PawPaw 7-in-1 Hair Treatment Styler comes in. I came across this product in the Gurgle magazine and was enticed straight away. I’m not one for being ‘bought’ into new products but this time I couldn’t help myself. It may just be because I am due a hair cut and I’m in real need of something to keep me pampered for the last part of my pregnancy but I got caught up and started to check out some reviews.

From what I saw, this looked like everything I was in need of and not only that but being able to to use it on dry and wet hair is a miracle product for mummy dearest. So it didn’t take me long to click the button and order it.


Firstly, the bottle itself is a very decent size and for the price you pay it is actually a great deal. I love how it is designed and the size of the bottle is also great if you are on the go and need something in your travel bag.

The first thing that caught me when I did open the bottle was the smell. The enticing combination of Coconut and Mango transport you to another place where you feel lifted and fresh. This a massive bonus for me as the smell lasts till your next wash a few days later which means your hair is always smelling fresh.

Personally for me – as I have horrendously thick hair that tangles like no tomorrow and takes ages to dry and style all the steps in the product appealed to me. After towel drying my hair, I spray some of the product onto my hands, rub and spread from roots to the length of my hair giving it an even amount of serum. I then dry my hair with the hair dryer and once done, add a bit more serum into my hair before combing and straightening/styling. This helps to reduce the fizz, dry ends and also untangles my hair.

An added bonus is if after a few days I need to re-style my hair and I’m stretched for time to wash it, I spritz a bit of serum on my hair and style. It honestly looks like a fresh wash has occurred and with very little fuss.

This product is a bonus with a little extra as it saves time for busy me and makes it look like I’ve just walked out of the salon – something I miss doing for 6 months at a time!

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