When Z was born there was a chance for her to have eczema. However these signs only showed up about the time she turned a month old. She began getting small itchy blotches on her face which she would scratch till they sometimes broke the skin. Poor thing lived in mittens.

Even though we noticed these signs the doctor would not prescribe anything, saying that she was still very little. We ended up trying other methods, like olive oil or E45 Junior but nothing made a slight difference. The eczema started to spread onto her body so we got more concerned. By the time she was two and half months we went back to the doctor and explained to them what we tried and what had occurred. They finally prescribed her with three items. A bath cream ‘Emollient’, a body cream ‘Double base’ and a steroid cream ‘Hydrocorsodine’ suited for babies.

We weren’t very keen on using the steroid cream however added to the mix of the others I am quite glad we did. Her skin began to calm down and the itchiness died.

What further helped was a change in the water. As our tap water is hard water we thought of trying out a soft water filter. We ordered an additional filter part that attached to the shower head and started to bath her with that. It was such a dramatic effect that the use of the steroid cream finished.

We know now, after a lot of changes, that Z’s skin gets more affected with hard water when she uses it for more than a day. For now we are sticking to our filter system and hopefully once her skin is less sensitive she will be able to handle the ‘normal’ water that runs through the taps.

Happy Skin = Happy Baby



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