Exploring Foods and Spices

As baby Z turned 1, we were advised by the midwives that she should be on the bounds of eating our foods. As we had already started her on things like rice and butter rotis, it was great to know we could really start to experiment on spices.

As we eat quite spicy foods, being Asian, I did need to calm it down a little. However, we didn’t stop baby Z on trying out any new spice. I didn’t change the recipes for her taste buds except toning down the spice levels. Therefore keeping to the same recipes we encouraged her by telling her what was in the different meals. She would then taste it on her own and we would be able to tell if she enjoyed it or not.

As first time parents, we always wanted our little one to have a love for foods. Luckily both of us love any type of cuisine so we would make lots of different things at home which baby Z would watch us eat. This increased her interest from a very young age, so when she began weaning she was happy to try anything we would put in front of her.

This has helped now that she eats out when we go to restaurants as well. She’s happy to go testing any new cuisine so we don’t need to worry about her meal times as much as before.

It is amazing watching her tastes grow and her getting excited at different foods. I just can’t wait till to see what her favourite cuisine will end up being.

New explorers = happy taste buds


Back then: Weaning with spinach


Now: Eating with chopsticks at Ping Pong

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