First time on the Plane

9 months after the day Z was born we sat her on a plane and we flew off to Sunny Spain! 10 days in the sun sounded like fun and I have to say it was Amazing!!

From the time we sat in the plane, Z was so excited. Especially as we had been talking about flying for ages. When we took off she didn’t even realise what was happening as we kept her busy in her toys.

Luckily she slept through the flight to Spain as we timed it to her nap time. Upon landing we kept her busy by singing some of her favourite nursery rhymes and voila she didn’t feel a thing!

On the way back to london we took an evening flight so that we would be home for her bed time. Other than being disturbed during the security checks in Malaga Z still had a brilliant flight. Even though we would have loved her to have slept again, but this time she kept awake. Which I have to say was a good thing seeing that she made a few friends on the plane, especially with an older couple sitting beside us.

As she began teething again in Spain we decided to give her Calpol on the descent into London. Which was a good decision as she got very fidgety with the pressure. But her daddy kept her busy playing tug of war with a napkin… Anything silly to help with distracting!

Overall as we travelled with BA I was very impressed with their baby service and how helpful they were. They even let us put Z’s jumper and socks on before we left the flight in the London, even though we were the last ones off.

Journey wise we couldn’t have asked for more, from Z, the flight or the Airports!


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