Five years in – Happy Birthday Z

F.I.V.E. omg. already. half way to 10. how?

I can still remember the moment I went into labour, the pain, the worry, the determination, the drugs, the “I love you” to every doctor in theatre. Most of all I can remember that feeling, that joy, the cry, the sound of your sweet voice, the relief, holding you for the first time, your smell.

The one that made us parents, made me a mum. My biggest joy, my pride – the love of my life.

This year marked you turning five. Overnight you became a confident (more than normal) little person. Suddenly you could do everything yourself – even though most things you could already. But becoming 5 has made you proud of becoming a big girl.

You will finally be starting big school in January, you left pre-school a few days ago and even though you didn’t cry – I did. It was such a big step, from leaving people and teachers that knew you to going to a new place and making a stamp of your own there. These were the first people I trusted to leave you with when you turned 3; they not only taught you, they became your friends, they helped you, guided you and made you more comfortable and confident in an outside environment. Now we will be walking towards a new chapter, a little later than we would have liked but it has come.

As a person, you have grown, you sound like an adult at the best of times, but can throw one like a teenager too. The “I’m going to my room” has already started when you get annoyed, but you always melt when we cuddle. You have started to put on lipstick (the kids make-up pack)! and you obviously have been watching me more carefully than I thought because your lipstick skills are so much better than mine when I was your age.

Looking through your baby book it brought back so many memories and it really brought home how fast time has flown and how much we loved you when you were a baby. You would literally just lie in our arms all day long and the smiles… ah heart melting.

Daddies little apple, your brothers role model and my little miss independent. You have your own mind, your own thoughts, your own ideas – you say it like it is already and we couldn’t have asked for a better, sweeter child than you.

Just try not to argue, fight or tantrum with us…. we wish.

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