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For Aisha – A world of adventure is a halal baby food company that is taking the UK by storm. After launching their stage 2 food in ASDA in 2015 For Aisha grew immensely. Being the brain child of creator Mark Salter after he saw a gap in the baby food market for authentic exotic foods from around the world and different cultures.

As Mark had worked in the UK food industry for over 20 years he took it upon himself to make the change. With Moroccan and Asian cooking being his most favoured he decided to concentrate on that and create a tasting experience that would vary different buds of little mouths.

Having seen their products on the shelves for a while, I personally had not tried them – however I knew a couple of people that had and they had some mixed reviews. However after doing a bit more research I decided to give it a go especially as they used halal meats. You don’t know till you have tried something yourselves right? Also as their Stage 3 products had come out I was very interested in trying them as the flavours sounded delicious and were perfect for Mr A!

Funnily enough we were contacted at around the same time by For Aisha to take part in a review. I thought of taking the opportunity for Mr A to taste and review their products and give an honest feedback. We were in actual fact sent an amazing box full of goodies, more than I could have imagined. From a pack with a branded bib, knot hat and blanket to a range of Stage 2 food pouches and a couple of Stage 3 food trays.

Each package looked beautiful and bright with henna styled deigns and clear illustrations of the foods/ingredients on the front of the packets. The halal stamp is clearly situated in the front making it stand out for anyone purchasing it from the shelves. The branding is clear and to the point making each product individual and representative of its dish. The back of the packaging gives a brief blog of what For Aisha stands for as well as a bio for the dish in the packet. The 4 main sections are covered well in a white space making it stand out from the over all packaging design making it easier to glance and find the information for Ingredients, Nutrition, Serving and Storing.

The food itself went down a treat. After following the packet instructions we tried out the Stage 3 meal tray with Mr A first. I love how there is enough food in these trays to satisfy Mr A. Z wanted to taste it first and once approved by big sister we started to feed A. His first reaction was great, even though he hasn’t as of yet said no to any food in particular we were very surprised at how much he enjoyed For Aisha. It didn’t have a strong smell, meaning that the spices were nicely balanced, the texture was mixed, with just enough lumps making it easy to chew the meats and vegetables. The meals were filling and even the pouches were enough – as we split them for lunchtime meals when out and about whilst the stage 3 meal trays were for dinner. This kept him fuller for longer meaning a better night sleep with the addition of his 1 bottle of milk before bed.

Overall For Aisha surprised me, I wasn’t expecting the outcome the way it was. Mr A was happy which makes meal times nicer and for me less stressful (which is always a handy thing). We enjoyed the overall experience of reviewing For Aisha baby food products and would definitely be buying them in the future. Maybe some finger snacks next?

To check out more from For Aisha, take a look at their website:

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