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It’s the party season and hell yes it’s time to let our hair down even if it is for only one night. Getting dressed and dolled up can be a chore with 2 under 5’s. Especially as you cannot often take time out to prim and proper yourself up on a regular basis. I am definitely missing the random face mask and soak in the tub with one of my lush bath bombs, which may I add I have one set still awaiting it’s use by collecting dust in the bathroom cupboard.

But even with the lack of time out and self pamper when it is time to get dressed up and go out, which isn’t many a times but I have got a good couple of family events coming up in the next few weeks that require a bit of party-ing up. So I have complied a go to get-me-out-of-my-house-in-one-piece-slightly-sane-looking-way list. These are my go to products for ze face, that one – do not cost the earth and two – are easy to put on and make yourself feel – well like yourself!



Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free primer – £26.00 is great if you have combination skin like myself. If it’s not dry skin, then it is a shiny T zone which is not a great look at any time of the year. Smashbox is light and easy to apply. After putting cream on take a pea size and dab on your face with your fingertips gently massaging it around your face.

Sparkle: I got a 10ml sample version of This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle – £37.00 (120ml price). This is a tinted multi-vitamin serum helping to cover up any imperfections on the skin. It is actually for the legs however, after testing it on my face, I have to say I prefer it under my make up than on my legs. Using it sparingly you literally only need to use a tiny bit (less than a pea size) and dab it on your highlighting bits, around the eyes, and cheekbones mainly. It gives a light dewy look and helps to balance out any redness on the skin. Love it!

Concealer: Kiko Universal Stick Concealer – £6.90 is a handy bag size stick that is easy to apply and rub in with your fingertips. My main coverage is around the dead looking eyes – so much darkness in those circles. Also around my nose which for some odd reason always goes red. This helps to neutralise it especially if I am using it on a day to day basis missing the step above. By the way, another thing I do to save a bit of time is only use either foundation or concealer plus It doesn’t feel so packed on my skin either giving breathable skin.

Foundation: Kiko 3D Lifting Foundation SPF 15 found in my mothers cupboard as she only bought it for one wedding and doesn’t wear foundation ever. It is so light unlike previous foundations I have tried from different brands and gives a long lasting subtle coverage without looking too packed up. It covers all the bits I need it too, from random redness, freckles and dark circles without drying out the skin. As you only need to use a pea size amount the bottle is lasting me ages. Love it! Thanks mum. By the way its a good thing its lasting me forever I just found out this specific version has been discontinued! But don’t worry Kiko have another one that has similar benefits called Unlimited Foundation SPF 15  – £14.90. Phew.

Blusher and Highlighter: Benefit – Life of the Party – £29.50 gift set. This was given to me as a gift, and it comes in a lovely travel case. At the moment I am loving their Blusher and highlighter as it is soft on the skin and shades nicely giving a dewy look with enough highlighter adding that sparkle to the party face. It even comes with a handy travel brush.



Clear Mascara: My life literally… Miss Sporty Clear Mascara – £2.99 is used on a normal day when I don’t want black eyelashes. It gives a clean look to the eyelashes with little to no fuss. However I also use this (as it is the only one I have found to do the full trick) to mould my eyebrows in place before I colour shape them in.

Eyebrow shaping kit: Collection Eye Brow Kit – Brunette – £3.99. I recently moved across to Collections actual eyebrow kit and using the brunette one it gives a good selection of shades that work well with my eyes and face. I try and stay away from the black eye-shadow as I personally feel it makes my eyebrows too dark. So instead I use the brown and light brown shades to colour and highlight with the included brush which is a prefect tool to create clean lines. The included clear mascara turned out to be not so great as the brush was bigger than the outside rim giving it not much space to actually collect the mascara. So instead I stuck to my Miss Sporty one.

Eyebrow highlighter Pencil: Kiko Fine Art Eye Pencil 01. I picked this up on a whim mainly because it was on sale. But this is lovely. The crayon pencil applies on easily without taking any of the other make up off in the process. Once sculpted along the bottom of the eyebrow I gently rub it so it gives a highlight and defined look to my eyebrows. This is also great if you want to highlight the inner eyes and along the bottom of the eyes. Just taking a look on the website it looks like this one is discontinued however do not fret, I have also tried Smart Colour Eye pencil – £2.50 in black and used it along my eyelid. It also has a smooth application and keeps the colour on for a very long time without smudging.



Eyelashes: Lancome Noir Hypnotic – £24.50. I luckily got a sample version of this mascara and am falling for it. I have been using brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline but this is something different. I find after sometime certain brands begin clumpy or start to feel heavy on the eyelashes. However so far Lancome has surpassed this, as the application is light, clean and the lashes separate equally without having to reapply. When rubbing the eyes it doesn’t smudge either which is bonus when you have little ones attacking your face – constantly.

Eye liner: Lancome Le Crayon Khol 01 – £17.50. I have had a few favourites and as Khol is a really important part of my look, I have to get something that will be soft to apply, clean and stays put! The darker the better is always a plus point and this eye liner did hit those points. It even applies really neatly on the eyelid over eye-shadow or just on a plain eyelid. To be honest, the pencil is pricey compared to some of the other brands I have tried and loved so as a one off splurge it is nice but after this runs out… I will be heading back to one of my high street favourites.

Eye Shadow: I have a range of eye shadows some that have lasted me since I got married ah MAC (I know about the hygiene and germs thing but I haven’t got through them all and I cannot give myself to throw it away) – It’s a 20 pallet range and I love the colours. Another set I love is the small pallet of colours given to me as a gift, again from MAC but the colours are great for the party season and when you mix and match them you get a fabulous look especially as they stay on through the night. Purple Times Nine – £25.00 mix of lights and darks perfect for any mood or look.



Primer: I use Vaseline – enough said.

Lip Liner: Kiko Smart Lip Pencil  – £2.50 – depending on the look, I sometimes use a liner but most of the time I go without. Kiko smart lip pencil is helps to sculpt my lips and stop the lipstick bleeding away. I have a selection of different colours for different times of the year but my favourite have to be darker colours as I love dark lips. However this season I love rocking bright reds… it really is the season for fire looking lips!

Lipstick: From Rimmel to Mac I have a range that I adore. However my seasonal favourite is turning out to be Ted Baker’s Blush Red which I picked up in a little gift pack for £8.00. This lipstick or tinted lip balm not only looks fabulous with its rose gold packaging but it also goes with anything and doesn’t dry up the lips in cold weather. Bringing your party look together this Christmas.


Funny enough it seems a lot written down but in actual fact it isn’t that bad and once you’ve done your base which without the use of funky sponges and brushes (finger tips are a god send) you are on the home run. Then you can go as little or as much as you like or have time for.

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