Growing up – PreSchool

We done it… Z reached one of her biggest milestones – her first day of school. After all the running around, panicking and stressing, my girl is now in a nursery. The run up to the Christmas holidays was all about her uniform, bag and other little goodies. Her excitement on getting a placement was immense – she danced for a good 10 minutes giggling loudly.

The night before for me was the worst… even though I was excited for her, I was also nervous. Would she cry? Would I cry? Would she just not settle and get scared of the unknown? not only that but her school shirt was tiny and I couldn’t believe how grown up my baby had become. That she could even fit into a white school shirt!

But here you have it Monday morning bright and early. She jumped out of bed when I told her where we were going… she got ready without a fuss (which is amazing). Walking to school we held each others hands and I knew when we reached I’d have to let go… she was growing up and she needed to explore the world on her own now without mummy.

Before we even got to the doors she let go and ran in. I followed after and gone.. she’d not even looked back… she settled into the first class she saw – coat and all still on. Straight to the table with the number monkeys and started to play. Watching from the doorway I didn’t know if I should shed a tear or not. She looked so content and confident. Not even once did she glance back at mummy, but mummy knew that the time had come for her to let go.

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