Guidance on Bottles over Breast

When my little girl was born I had made the decision to Breastfeed her. Whilst I was pregnant I had joined different baby communities and received many free goodies, including bottles. Obviously delighted that I had gotten useful items for when my baby would be born I kept each one.

Whilst pregnant you are guided by everything around you to breastfeed and are given much advice around the subject. However, you are not informed about correct bottles or that your baby may be colic – which is very common. Being a first time mum I was guided by the information I received as well as what I researched.

After my daughter was born I began breast feeding, however 5 days in I caught the norovirus which lead me to be quarantined from my newborn for 4 days. This led my baby to start formula bottle feeding. After I got better I decided to re-start breast feeding, however a few days later I ended up in hospital with a severe uterus infection which put me on antibiotics for 10 days. By now my baby was nearly a month old so we decided to continue with bottle feeding as she had got so used to it. My circumstance was unpredictable compared to other women.

Now that my baby was being bottle fed we noticed a dramatic change in her behaviour during the evenings which lead into the night. She would scream and her body would be in uncontrollable pain. Anything we did would not work to settle her. Amazingly when brought up to the midwives, each and every one of them claimed she was not colic. As parents we decided to do our own research and found that she was having bouts of colic every night. I turned to my family and they suggested for me to try anti-colic bottles rather than the normal ones we were using.

Even though these are a little more expensive than the normal bottles they were worth every penny. Within a few days we noticed a change and with the use of Infacol before every feed and Gripe Water in her afternoon feed my baby began to calm down. So by 3 months her colic had cleared up.

I do not understand why this sort of information is not provided to new parents. Some parents do not think of breast feeding and some will change from breast to bottle after a few months. The NHS and retail should inform parents of the different bottles, these bottles should be available at a cheaper price so parents who have a low income can also afford them. Colic is such a common problem in today’s society that even if your baby does not have signs of it you should still invest in the anti-colic bottles, as they could contract it a few weeks later rather than straight away. The effect of the different bottles are shocking and therefore since I have had my baby, I inform every parent I know to invest in anti-colic bottles rather than the normal ones even if they plan to breastfeed first.

My collection of normal bottles: well they will be part of my daughters play toys when she’s a bit older so she can feed her dolls. Because in my eyes they aren’t worth anything but that.

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