Healthy February challenge

February is literally only a few days away and this year we are planning to try out the smoothie craze. Here in the Bubble we didn’t jump on the band wagon straight away and its taken this very long and tiring winter to push me into giving it a go.

So as we have made that decision I have started up a Pinterest Board called Healthy Smoothies and Shakes. This literally has all the the types of smoothies we would love to try out. Our main aim is to provide a new way of in taking our 5 a day. To have this in the morning with breakfast for Z and for us even as a breakfast substitute on our days at work. This will be carried out or ‘tried to be’ every 2 days giving us a break in between for a whole month.

Things to do:

Buy ingredients (obviously) so tonnes of veg, fruit and seeds

Buy x2 Travel flasks – hopefully glass

Create a weekly diary of agreed drinks, so we know what we a preparing the night before as well as getting a varied diet

So challenge for the month: Try lots of new smoothies, check out their benefits and view the results at the end of the month! Keep in tune for regular updates and pictures.

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