#HealthyFebruary challenge: Week one

We are one week down on our challenge and it has been great. So far we have ended up going all green, but we are loving the subtle effects it is having on our bodies – especially the boost in the morning.

I personally am finding myself to be less hungry – so no more snacking in between breakfast and lunch which is great. Hubby is loving the different tastes and textures and Z just loves the flavour.

The experimentation of the different fruits and vegetables have also been interesting. As even though I have followed some online recipes, I have also been mixing and matching recipes myself.

Here are two of our favourite ones from last week.

We started the challenge with a very green smoothie.


1 Apple

1 Celery Stick

1 Kiwi

Handful of Kale

Chunk of Ginger

1 Lime (Juice)

Coconut Water


Outcome: Overall I think for the first one we did go a bit crazy. But it was interesting as we were surprised by the different tastes and how much we would like Kale. It is something that neither one of us had tried before – so shooting in the dark it was a success. As well as that the hint of ginger which at the time we thought was way to much was great, and as we do not have much ginger in our diets I think this is a great way to add it in as we can get its natural benefits – without cooking it.

The second one was another green smoothie – one that I had come across online and to be honest very excited to try as I love citrus.


1 Orange

Handful of spinach

1 Orange (Juice)

Quarter Banana

1tsp Honey

Coconut Water


Outcome: Just as expected. It was Yum! The best thing about this one was that it tasted just like a fresh mocktail. The addition of the honey cut the citrus so that it had a hint of sweetness. Z drank her one as well as half of mine as she couldn’t get enough. The best thing about this one was that she didn’t have a clue that she was having spinach as there was no taste of it. 1-0 to mummy for giving her greens!

Keep in tune for the next dose of our challenge and let us know if your’e taking part and how its going.

Happy #HealthyFebruary

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