Helping Mummy Pack

How can you get all your packing done with a 9 month old… You get them to help!

I have to say there was more of Z’s luggage than there was of mine or my partners… I really have been downsized! So going away for a long stretch for the first time, I didn’t want to miss anything.

I had pre-read about buying nappies abroad and food etc so I only packed enough for the journey to Spain, however food wise I put a little extra in. This left me with lots of space for clothes and a few of her favourite toys. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t over pack, there were actually just enough clothes.

From Z chucking out clothes from her drawer at one end and me packing the correct one in the suitcase we had quite a nice factory line going.

I didn’t show her which toys were being packed all she noticed was that they were disappearing from her playing area. However once we were in Spain and I slowly took out her toys at random times she would get so excited! Probably thought how in the world did you get here… Which was really funny to watch.

I have to say after packing her stuff I had a lot more clearing up to do… Most of her wardrobe was on the floor with her bouncing amongst it.

But hey at least we were ready to go on holiday!



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