Home is where the Bridge is

So we have finally moved home… Again! At this point we are fed up of packing, moving and living on take aways because I’m to sleepy to cook. 

We originally moved to Cramond, a beautiful village outside of the city, then I fell pregnant with Cailyn. After being extremely sore and tired during my pregnancy I decided we needed to move and get a 2 bed house. 

Chris agreed and so we found ourselves leaving our massive, beautiful 1 bed flat with a huge balcony/terrace and moving to Liberton. 

Chris viewed this house on his own as I couldn’t get time off work. So as a structural engineer he didn’t pay attention to any of the necessary things us women look for…. Like cupboard space, or space at all would have been nice. 

To let you understand, it was a beautiful house… However more like half a house but structurally sound haha.  

Anyway, we moved and I didn’t make that much of a fuss as I was 34 weeks pregnant and just wanted to nest. 

We had the best time in both our homes for different reasons. 

Cramond was out first flat together as a proper couple and not just two idiots flirting for years living in different counties. 

Liberton was our first family home and we had some incredible memories there. 

I mean c’mon Cailyn was nearly born in the bath haha. 

And now… Our hearts have finally been filled with the only place we have both always wanted to live in Scotland. 

South Queensferry! The home of the bridges and my favourite site. 

(which I get to wake up to every day) 

We couldn’t be happier and more proud to be living in the one place we have always wanted to be, with our daughter and getting to raise her in such a great community. This is something that’s really important to us as you never get that community feeling living in a city, you could see hundreds of people and no one speaks, you’re just another body lost in the city’s craziness.

So to be living somewhere that people stop and talk, smile and say hello is something special. 

It’s something I always missed as I was used to this way of life in the channel islands so to me, living in the city made no sense. It’s quite lonely and I understand people who feel overwhelmed by it. 

I have never felt so stressed and unwell from a move before, even when I was pregnant it didn’t effect me like this move did. It was the first move as a mummy, but Cailyn was great, I genuinely think the actual experience of moving and having to split yourself in two was the hard part. 

I mean, you have to be mum, unpack with a baby around who wants your constant attention, cook, clean, keep your baby alive… It’s tough and something I don’t recommend. I felt we got more done when Chris came off on holiday as I was able to just get things done while he played with Cailyn. 

He would then swap and build things while I cooked and looked after them both haha. 

Definitely hard work….. 

We had 4 days after Chris coming off on holiday to properly make a dent in the flat and we were off on our massive car journey around the bloody UK. 

(blog piece about that to follow) 

So to say we were exhausted was an understatement and sick of people…. So we are happy to be back and cosy in our new home, locked away form the outside for a couple of days, enjoying doing nothing….. Bliss! 

To end this little tale,  

We will NOT be moving from south Queensferry and the next move will be to our first family home that we actually own. 

Private rent in Edinburgh is awful so until we get that last lot of money together, we will be happy with our new build flat over looking the best view. 

By Cailynsmummy x

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