Huh why?

Baby Z has begun to question back. Can you believe it? A 19 month old will question ‘why’ she needs to do or not do something?!? In a way it is quite hilarious as you actually don’t expect it.

For instance just today, baby Z daddy and I were talking about our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Suddenly I remembered that Baby Z hadn’t made us a card. (Just for the fun of it). So cheekily I asked her, “Z you haven’t made mummy and daddy an anniversary card…” Without even thinking twice about it she goes.. “Card? Why?!” Like we had asked her to give us her last grape. For a minute we were shocked as her response was so strongly said, but at the same time we couldn’t help but laugh, as it wS coming from such a tiny person.

I swear this ‘why’ stage is meant to start a few years from now?! Or is my little madam getting older quicker?


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