Ice Ice Baby

Ah I was so happy when the sun came out a few weeks ago that I quickly told Baby Z daddy to go get ice lolly moulds. There was a specific set I had been after for a while but didn’t think it was worth it with the on and off weather.

But when sun came up and the temp rose to 30c in our flat Annabel Karmels ice lolly moulds had to be bought.

They are so amazing, I already had ideas for recipes (healthy sugar free ones) for Baby Z so off I went.

Cutting the banana and adding it to blueberries that were in a mixer, I poured in strawberry yogurt and let it mix. After a few minutes it turned into a nice thick yet yogurt style dense liquid.

Next I spooned this with blueberry bits and all into the lolly moulds and put the lid on to secure. This then went into the freezer for about 4-5 hours.

Once it was frozen, I put the mould side into hot running water in order to loosen the top and voila … Banana and blueberry healthy ice cream!

Baby Z loved every bit of it, and what was even better was that there was left over mixture that I just put into baby jars and kept in the fridge to be used as yogurt! 2 in 1 very filling and health dessert.

Absolute love for the summer!!





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