Ikea DUKTIG Kitchen

The Ikea DUKTIG Kitchen for my little lady was a random find. As Baby Z had started to role play a lot with her princess tea set, we knew that the time for a play kitchen had come.

So we made her second birthday the target date and started the search for a unique gift. After tonnes of searching for months, and reading lots of reviews I randomly strolled on to a mummy-blog Hellobabyblog. This is where I found it, our dream play kitchen. It was a two piece and wasn’t pink as I didn’t want to really go with the conventional girlie colour. It was a lovely wooden colour that fit the bill. It matched our living room furniture; which is where it would live and if Baby Z would have any siblings in the future we wouldn’t have to worry about it not fitting a boy – (even though I’m sure the little thing wouldn’t care less what colour it is). What worked for us was the size and height, as we live in a flat, space is limited especially as Baby Z is growing and her gizmos are growing in size too, so we had to do some future thinking.

After a lot of research on Pinterest I found that many people had customized the kitchen to their liking. This gave me more confidence that this was the kitchen for Baby Z. As I absolutely love a bit of DIY myself, this was like a blank canvas for me. However the designs I saw were very artistic and took a lot of time. I decided to take mine slowly and over time to create the perfect kitchen for her. To be honest, since we bought it, I haven’t actually carried out any DIY work (mainly due to lack of time). However, we have put our stamp on the kitchen, with the little baskets to hold foods and the towel as well as the tiny tea pot pieces.

When I read certain reviews, a lot people would say it is too minimalist due to the lack of colour, however, from the reactions of Baby Z, this does not phase her one bit. As long as there is enough space for her goodies and she can turn the hob lights on, she just cooks away. Not only this, I can see this kitchen growing with her. The sturdy design and the height changeable legs provides a good few years of usage, that I couldn’t actually see her getting out of the other kitchens on the market.

The only thing I can think that would need to be changed on the original product is the detachable sink. It isn’t so much of an issue now, but when we first bought the kitchen, Baby Z would take the sink out and make it a bath for her baby. Now however, she has stopped that on a regular basis… even though we do randomly see it abandoned lying in her bedroom stuffed with toys.

On the whole, every review on this product guided us to getting one of the best products for Baby Z at the right age.

FullSizeRender (3)               FullSizeRender

She just had to pose when we were taking the photos.

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