Indie Friday

Black Friday is back but this year we are celebrating ‘Indie Friday’! Instead of throwing mass discounts for a week or so we are joining forces with support groups like Just a Card and Holly and Co Workshop by shouting out about their causes to support small independents this season.

This means that the discounts may not be major but you will get some fantastic deals from every small shop be it in a percentage off or a free ‘Thank you’ gift with every purchase.

What happens when you support a small even if you are only purchasing something small? You get the maker, owner, entrepreneur – dancing, singing and jumping! You support an entire system, someone who loves their craft. Who puts all hours of the day and night into it, who sometimes works alone or in a partnership with their other half or friend. Creating a sustainable income for their families and future, reaching a goal of a simpler work – life balance.

Here are just some amazing small shops however there are 100s more out there that would appreciate your support as well.


Nutmeg Wall Art – For some seasonal stickers that will create an amazing look and add to your decorations.

Papermirchi – Add that special touch to your gifts with these bespoke prints on recycled cotton paper.

Jack and Fredas – Stunning tassle jewellery from necklaces to earrings for that perfect party look.

Alice’s Wonders – This online retailer has the most stunning scarfs – loving the blanket scarfs this season.

Fox and Feather UK – Homeware galore, from beautiful stationary, prints to decoration pieces there is something for everyone.

Black Dog Pottery – Pots and potting has become a major trend this year and this little shop does some serious justice with her pottery designs.

Wild Rose Flower Company – Gift box Succulents you say? Check out this ladies amazing collection that you can personalise as well.

My Off the Wall Interior – Always wanted your own Terrarium? Well this small provides that opportunity with her bespoke workshops. But don’t worry she also sells some ready made amazing macramé pieces.

Bokuno Shop – A bespoke doll made for your little ones making this season that little bit more personal.

Petrichor London – Unique musical pillows that come in different shapes and materials with a choice of lullabies – what more can you ask for.


If you would like to check out more Independent shops follow us on our Instagram page and check out who we follow also by taking a look at Just a Card and Holly and Co Workshop Social Media pages you will find a brilliant selection  right at your fingertips!

Happy shopping this festive season.


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