International Women’s Day 2017

Mother, daughter, sister, wife we are many things as one person but we forget the most important person is that we are women. As a woman we hold many labels in our everyday lives, we provide different functions to different people and areas of the community. We untie and stand together as one to fight injustice and show the world that even though we are so many ‘people’ we are just one person.

Over the years as a journalist writer I found my voice through writing about women and injustice. I fought through my writing and gave voiceless women a chance to rise above the others and tell their stories. I found myself becoming a stronger feminist with a belief that when standing together as one us women can change the world.

Even though International Women’s Day is about our achievements as women over the centuries I find it heart breaking that today in the 21st Century we are still having to fight against power to stay safe and have our freedom. Something we fought to achieve and succeeded in but now seem to have to do it all over again. This can be in our own homes, as a child, as an adult, out in the workplace, as a mother or as an independent female out in the world. We are still fighting for things that should be a birth right. We are still having to educate the world on how to treat women. There are people out there that still cry over the birth of a daughter, or don’t respect the other sex and treat them as slaves or objects. There are people that believe that raping or sexually assaulting a women is nothing out of the ordinary and treating them in that way was their god given right.

Recent events have shown that work still needs doing and that some people out there believe women and girls should not be free and independent. They shouldn’t succeed at work and still run a happy home. But why is it their choice? Why do we let it become their choice on how we as women want to run our lives?

We do a fantastic job in our own lives, for myself; I am a daughter, I balance my three families (my parents, my in laws and my own family) – I am a wife and a mother, I hold up a household and bring up my children to the best level possible, I also work (part-time, yes) but I work. I fight my way up the career ladder. I run a business, I run a blog, I fight for other women and children and I still survive. This is just me, it is who I am and I love the way my life has turned out. If everything went my way I would be higher up the career ladder and still balance the fort at home. But the world outside stops us. Because, we are women. We have a choice – To be independent and choose a career or be a mum first and have the career second. But my question is; why? Why can we not have it all? Why should we be stopped for our choices – when we know what is best for us and know how much we can take?

We ladies are the centre of our own lives, if we fall sick the world around us starts to slowly fall apart, we are the glue to the system. So spread that glue to other parts of the world outside our own bubble and help to provide a united front, protecting and educating all.

International Women’s Day takes place tomorrow, and even though we celebrate it exclusively on one day, through protests, marches and more. I still feel a sense of sadness that we are having to shout the way we do to make ourselves heard in today’s time so our future girls can have the whole freedom we should be living with today.

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