Jack and Jill Kids Natural Care and The Natural Family Co.

We got the pleasure of testing out a selection of amazing products courtesy of Jack and Jill Kids Natural Care and The Natural Family Co. This has to be one of my most exciting packages as I actually was not expecting so much to be sent across to us to try and also all in full content.

Jack n Jill Kids Natural Care and The Natural Family Co. are a company that has worked tirelessly to help bring nature to the homes of families that can be used from a very young age. As we are organic, natural product enthusiast especially for the kids, these products were a brilliant send.

From a teething range to suit the most sensitive of little mouths whilst working on keeping the adults satisfied and feeling fresh too – this company has achieved a lot. With Z we moved across from using children’s Colgate to toothpaste from the Green-people. However, Jack n Jill natural and flavoured toothpastes were clear in look and light in taste. As they are natural and organic you know that if swallowed it would not be harming them or their tummies. The after taste is refreshing giving a clean feel to the teeth and gums. (Yes I did try it for myself and was quite impressed).

The tooth brushes were by far interesting in the form of their design. We have not seen a toothbrush in the look of the one for 2-5 years old so it took a moment for us to figure out exactly how Z was going to use it. The brush is a soft silicone that is in the shape of half the mouth line – this is created with a groove on either side of the brush with little soft silicone bristles. The toothpaste is put on both sides within the grooves and the little handle is great for tiny hand grips. We had to show Z how to use it for the first time but once she got into it she loved it. Placing the brush in-between her upper and lower teeth she moves the brush from side to side – this ultimately cleans one side and then swaps it around to get to the other. The simple yet unique design makes sure that the brush is hitting all the teeth and gums in the mouth making it cleaner quicker.

The brush for Mr A looked like a normal brush you would pick off the shelf however it had a silicone brush head and an added part that slid over the top of the head to sit just below the brush bristles. This is the silicone safety guard, perfect actually for a 12-24 month old who will ram the entire brush into its mouth without a care in the world. This stops them to a safe point whilst still giving them control to feel the motion of brushing (with help of course) and the silicone bristles are soft on their growing mouth. The size of the brush is great – with a simple design but thin enough for them to grip it easily.

The adults (yes us too) got a little surprise in the box of goodies. This came in the form of the two soft brushes from The Natural Family Co. When I mean soft – my goodness are they soft!! As I suffer from sensitive gums this was a god send – especially as the last brush I was using was picked up by mistake and was a medium bristle (ouch)! Personally I was very happy to chuck the old brush and bring in the new. The sleek design of the handle and minimal colour is great for adults who like a simple yet classy look. (Yes I have just used ‘classy’ to describe a toothbrush). But the bristles were what made it the one for both of us. Made from soft BPA free nylon and biodegradable handles these are valuable when in use and when they get thrown away. Seriously win win for us!

When it came to the body range, we were spoilt for choice as a family. To be very honest I wasn’t expecting full size products, but was so glad that they did send us lots to trial out especially over a longer period of time. Not only did this give us a chance to get good use out of it but it also has given us a chance to seen the differences it has made for us, our skin and our hair.

As both the kiddies have a sensitive skin it is always really important for us to find products that suit them in case of any flare ups. However Z also suffers from a slight form of eczema on her arms so products also need to be moisturising enough. Hard combo I know. This is the reason we try to stay and steer more towards natural or organic products as putting anything too chemically just flares up her skin more.

We started off with using the Bubble Bath given them both a good soak. The smell is relaxing and sweet with a hint of coconut, and you only need to use a little bit of the solution in a running bath whilst mixing it up with your hands to create some very fun and lively looking bubbles. The kids literally had and still have lots off fun using the Bubble bath. we also noticed that as the solution wasn’t harsh as it helped to soften the skin and keep it naturally moisturised.

We then used the Shampoo and Body wash. The product is not only cleansing for the skin and hair it also leaves you feeling calm which is great for bath times before bed. After using it on the kids and noticing that it is tear free just like the Bubble Bath I had to test it out on myself. My hair is unruly, wavy and thick. Put frankly, it is a crap combo, and I find it very hard to get a shampoo that would work some wonders on it. Jack n Jill Shampoo did. Their simple combination of ingredients is the perfect blend to settle hair and also strip away the nasties of life making your hair feel lighter and fresher from day one. It was more manageable, which meant that if this was good for me then it had passed the test for the little ones which gave me confidence in the product.

The last product to test within the body range was the Body Cream. A supple lavender smelling cream that is the right weight when on delicate skin to not make it feel clogged but still keeping it moisturised for a good couple of hours. This has gone from being used by Mr A to now a family hit. Its a bath time favourite when massaged in before clothes go on the little ones and put to bed to making dry skin better for Daddy especially now the weather has turned. Personally, I think it is a fab base for my make up – keeping everything moisturised and level, helping the make up glide on and stay on all day!

When you look at the packaging of the products, I had to ask Z her opinions as she always has an opinion over something. She thoroughly investigated the bottles and products, providing in-depth breakdowns of each bottle. I have chosen some of her comments from her entire conversation:

“The characters are nice on these bottles (the body products) but they should have me and A on them. But I do like the hippo, she is nice and colourful.”

“The bottle is easy to use, I can push it and the soap comes out – I can use it myself.”

“The brush is soft on my teeth and easy to use **look** – I like the toothpaste it is tasty.”

“The bottles look pretty and bright – look they have the writing on the side it is bumpy”

Over all, this was a brilliant collection of items that we got to try and even though I wanted this piece to be out a lot sooner than it is, we got some very good use out of the products and they are still going. You get so much out of these products even as a family, and everyone can love them. It really feels like no going back now – especially for the kids; for us adults, the toothbrushes have knocked it on the head! Top of the list from now on.


To purchase your own products from the Jack and Jill Kids Natural and The Natural Family Co visit their websites.

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