JVC kid’s headphones

This year before out travels we decided to take our iPad with us. As Z is now 2 and a half we gathered that a three hour journey would get very tiresome for all included without some serious visual entertainment.

So out came the iPad and the installation of our favourite film “Frozen”- yes it’s still a favourite. On started the hunt for a child friendly pair of headphones.

After searching a few sites I did fall in love with a pair of “Purosound Bluetooth Wireless BT2200” in gold- ah beauty. However they came with a bit if a price tag so after being told by Z daddy that it was a no we continued the hunt.

Obviously the important specifications would be that it fit her head, they were comfortable and did not distort sound for her tiny ears. After finding it hard to make a decision and then running out of time we took a hunch and purchased a “JVC” set of kids headphones.

As JVC is a brand we grew up with we knew the quality and trusted the child friendliness. Z daddy did a quick search online and saw that reviews of the product were decent too. So out came the cash and in came the headphones.

There were two sets that were available to buy, blue and green or pink and purple. You can gather which one I picked. Once at home, the phones came with a selection of stickers so that the little monkey could personalise it. However as we wanted them to be a surprise for the plane, I ended up personalising them for her. Next step daddy and his testing, we plugged them into the system and gave them a go. The simplicity was great and so was the feel of the ear pads. They were comfortable and soft and sat well around your head. The head piece was size adjustable so can grow with Z. At the moment it is on the smallest size but it fits extremely well around the head of a 2 year old without falling off when she moves. The wire was tapped into place on the shortest setting so that it didn’t get tangled or in the way for her when using the product.

On the flight when we pulled out the headphones and the film the delight on her face was one to see. She couldn’t believe that she had her own special pair of headphones to watch her favourite film. After checking the volume settings, which were simple to do, as the volume doesn’t get too high so even on full Z was comfortable with the sound levels.

The film was watched fully and half our journey was cut in peace with her sitting in one place, munching her snacks and singing “let it go” at the top of her lungs!

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