Learning to Order

Baby Z has already begun to order people around. However she chooses wisely, her ordering only limits to her grandad, her uncle and her dada. The three wonderful men in her life.

What’s more is that she gets her way. This can be through her giving a certain look, her tone, body language or by her shouting her version of their names.

There was this one time that her grandma and grandad were playing ball with her, the ball rolled to the corner of the room so her grandad went to pick it up. He brought it back and gave it to her. After a little while it happened again, but little miss lazy didn’t go get it. She pointed to her grandad and made a sound to let him know that he was going to go bring it back! Her order was so stern that it made them laugh because they couldn’t believe their eyes… But hey she got her way…

Little miss is definitely going to be the queen of the family when she gets a bit older… I think she’s trying throw her mama off the throne for now.

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