Lets talk baby proofing

Let’s talk baby proofing! The one thing that every family goes looking for when our little ones begin to manoeuvre around and reach for those areas we all hate them getting into. From cupboards and drawers to going up and down stairs, baby proofing has become a big thing.

As we live in a flat we didn’t need to get any stair gates or gates full stop. (It’s all open plan living). But the one thing we did need was locks for the bottom kitchen cupboards. Luckily all the other cupboards are either too heavy or inaccessible to Baby Z. As well as that the bathroom and bedroom doors are ridiculously heavy to open so she actually never bothered trying.

From experience, (aka other families) we found that kids were clever, and if you gave them the opportunity man would they work out how to even break into a lock without leaving a trace behind. So ultimately we decided that we weren’t going to go with the normal locks but instead something that little Z wouldn’t be able to even see. Crafty I know. (Plus I hate anything that leaves an eyesore on my cupboards!!)

After searching around, we found these little babies on Amazon; BabyDan Magnetic Cupboard/Drawer Lock. The reviews looked decent and the price weren’t too bad either, so we thought we’d give it a shot and see the outcome. We also got one outside lock for my shelving cupboard as a magnetic one wouldn’t work on it.

Babydan Mag Lock

The magnetic locks, were quite easy to fit together as one part sticks into the side of the cupboard and the other on the inside of the door. Once the door closes the little hinge clicks into the second plastic part and locks. The door is sturdily locked even we can’t open it when tugged. (Forget about a baby attacking it). You then get a little magnet key that when you manoeuvre it around the area where the lock is, you hear a click and pull slightly to unlock the door. Genius if you ask me.

The little one has watched us so many times but because she can’t reach the key (we have it up very high) she has no way of accessing the cupboard full of goodies or dangers!

The second lock is an outside lock; BabyDan Multi Locks, but this also hasn’t been attempted oddly enough. You stick one side on one door and the other on the second door (best for double doors). Once clicked in; to open all you do is hold the buttons on the second door together in a downwards motion and voila… open sesame.

babydan multi lock

To be honest we haven’t actually baby proofed anything else in the flat. Gratefully Baby Z doesn’t really put anything in plugs or touch them to be frank, so we haven’t really had the need for plug guards even though we got some really good ones on a deal in IKEA.

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