Letter from Mama to Me

Dear Me,

Look at how time has flown. Only a few years ago I was single and carefree. Now I don’t even have time to brush my hair. With two under 5s relying on me and a household full of chores, you’ve become a woman with tonnes of responsibility. You juggle your life to fit around the people you love, you’ve gone from number 1 to number 4 but don’t care at all.

When you look in the mirror you may not see that carefree woman you once were. Instead staring back at you is a woman who has tired eyes (that no amount of make-up can fix), dull greying hair, with dry spit on her top.
Someone who even on a random night out with the girls will want to try and ‘let go’, to tap into the woman she once was before motherhood came along. You struggle to go crazy like you once did, you find that all you actually want is a relaxing time out, nothing mad – because your always surrounded by mad now. Your inner child begins to get squashed out and instead you become a different person. Mama on the inside and out.

Even when you don’t think you’ll go into mama mode you do. Mothering anything and anyone you feel needs it. Suddenly you’re the source of all wisdom, and it actually makes sense. Your instincts are sharper, your mind is wiser and your juggling skills are out of this world. Which makes you think, maybe the lack of sleep, me time and hanging out with toddlers 24/7 could actually be better for your growth. I know what you’re thinking – mama has lost the plot. Joking aside, Sometimes it actually feels like you have.

And even though you miss that crazy single woman who would run down a field with her hands and head swaying side to side or the funny person who would pretend to get drunk on cola on nights out, you know you wouldn’t change the way you are today for anything in the world. Because even though the crazy may have left you, there is enough crazy around you to keep you going.

Love Mama x

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