Life with Kim

Life with Kim


Wow, what a start to the November Month let me tell you! Before I dive deep into an introduction of myself and bore you half to death with the toilet patterns of all four of my kids (Just kidding, we’d be here hours) I just want to let you know how I got this amazing position as the Mummys Bubble columnist … You lucky devils you, getting a monthly dose of moi! (You can always let me or Heena know if you feel lucky after you have read through my ramblings!)

Well picture this, It’s the beginning of the month and I have done the usual monthly, what I like to call ‘House Accounts’. And yes, it’s as tight as the space on your plate when you go to an all you can eat buffet! My disposable income might need to ‘phone a friend’… AKA savings account. However nevertheless I went on and made my next move. I can’t lie it was premeditated. I went and purchased/signed up for ‘My life coaching’ and NLP certification. The thing is I love how the human mind works and I love helping people. On top of that I like to talk, I don’t know how much or even if at all you might of picked up on that with the tone of this post, but trust me I can go for DAYS! I had been hanging on to this course for ages! I knew I wanted in and I just took the plunge. So to cut a story a little bit shorter (because hey, I have a lot to say), the timing was everything. I signed up and met a lovely lady on social media (also on the course) who then tagged me in a post for the columnist/blogger position! After bouncing a few emails back and forth, here I sit writing this for you. Moral of the story…. Go ahead and make that purchase!

I can’t even explain how giddy I am to have an actual audience of real life parents! Now don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful community of girlfriends but when you’re as busy as me and them, obviously not taking into consideration the 1hrs worth of procrastination each evening (damn yet praise you Instagram) You find that you start your day with the kids at your feet, for me around 6am, and it ends that way too… Usually sometime between the hours of 8-9pm. Then there is the trouble of you and your girlfriends getting it together ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! It’s like trying to choreograph the GB synchronised swim team. So this column is literally going to be so jam packed for you, you are my tribe, my girls and my place to keep it real, not only as a parent, but as a woman of the world.

I guess if I am going to be writing to you every month, you could probably do to get to know a little bit more about me in general. I’m Kim and I’m a Pilates teacher from West Yorkshire! I am also a life coach, newly training in NLP life coaching, EFT (tapping), Hypnosis and time techniques. My other (imaginary) walks of life include being a Bond girl or a mermaid, depending on how whimsical I’m feeling on that particular day.

Being a mother of 4, to me having a great day means that I don’t have to clean dried toothpaste from the basin of the bathroom sink or dried cereal from the carpet in the dining room (unlike me you’re probably wise and don’t have a carpet in the dining room!) I’m not really that cynical, I believe great days are to be had every single day. I am literally probably one of the most positive people you could meet (on a blog post anyway). My kids range from ages 3-13, I am the proud owner of 1 girl and 3 boys, they are hilarious (take after their mother) most of the time. When they are not being hilarious they are argumentative, sometimes with each other and at other times with me and my husband. My husband has thrown the word disobedient around but I like to call it ‘exploring their emotions’ and ‘building character’ (until they hit a certain button and then me and my husband tag team up to perform the most undefiable parenting team you can imagine… sort of) Apart from being chief of the baby wipes and the kids nominating me each year as constable chief inspector at the department of the fun police, I truly believe we as mamas are actually still our own person. Sure it’s great being a mum, but what about the sassiness? My sassiness is currently in the wardrobe with a pair of jeans that are, at present, two sizes too small for me (But I’ve been swearing to myself for the past 2 years that they will fit again) Such a huge passion for me is women empowering, helping or supporting other women. I honestly believe that women can move mountains together and when we set aside that woman to woman competitive nature that felt so rampant in my teenage years, amazing and wonderful things will happen.

I won’t lie, I have sooo much more to tell you, however I am going to have to leave it for later posts. I fear that if I carry on writing this post you may neglect your kids by being busy reading how awesome I am and I really couldn’t have that on my hands. So my beautiful new friends please do stop by and say hello; you can catch me on Instagram @kewellbeing. Make sure you tag me and @mummysbubble in your parenting antics – preferably the hilarious stuff. You know like the kids making a fool of you in public. I love it when it’s not just happening to me. Sorry not sorry. On that note, I am going to check and make sure my youngest has not just uploaded millions of snapchat pictures of his fingers to an account I don’t even use. Catch you next time on Life with Kim.


By Kim Whitworth x

Images by Kim Whitworth

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