Lights On

Over the last few months Z has started to become afraid of the dark. Her imagination has taken the best of her and runs during the night. At first we thought it’s just a phase… but seeing that she’s now nearly 3 and is still adamant of the light being on, we are beginning to think that this is going to last.

At first we didn’t heed, we tried out the monster spray, scared all the ‘bugs’ away and hid the ‘scary’ items in the cupboard. Then came out her nightlight – which went away about a year ago as she couldn’t sleep with it on so we packed it away thinking that’s the end of that! How wrong.

Sadly the nightlight function only ran for a while as it wasn’t ‘bright’ enough…

I then remembered a little lamp that sat on her shelf at the other end of the room that hadn’t been touched for a while and started to turn that on every night with her main light. Once she’d have gone into a deep sleep I would switch off her main light and the room would still be bright.

In the beginning of the phase she would come to our room ‘in the dark’ and want to jump into the bed with us, but now she just ‘sleep walks’ to her door and switches on the light and goes straight back into bed. She’s obviously figured out a way were she doesn’t have to tread into the dark.

We are hoping this ‘phase’ doesn’t last too long, as sleeping with the lights on full blast isn’t very good for sleep and the minute we now do switch off her light she senses it. (Also the corridor light isn’t ‘bright’ enough for her either – so we can’t even have that on).

I’m hoping this is the only night time issue we have – definitely cannot deal with sleep walking.

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