Little Chef

So the one thing every mummy loves is her little kiddie helping out be it in the kitchen or tidying up or even pretending to clean. Well, after the lovely introduction of Baby Z’s kitchen, my little kiddo believes she is the worlds best chef! Not only that, but she wants to actually help out in the Big kitchen (mummy’s kitchen). Now as a parent, I’m all up for it, its lovely having her around, watching me cut the veg and then explaining to her what I’m doing with it all; especially as we get to eat some whilst cooking. It’s teaching her new skills and she’s learning about the foods she eats.

But seriously, she will do this every time I step foot into the kitchen. Be it to make toast or to make a casserole. Baby Z is present. After she has dragged her chair from the living room to the little corner next to the sink and stands up onto it so she is at height level to the worktop. She then asks to be given a pot, her spoons and a potato whilst she stands there cooking away to her hearts content. This girl can spend her whole day up there if she wanted to.

I have to say though what I do love is her excited face when we involve her with the cooking. For example; on Sunday we made egg muffins for lunch. She watched me cut all the veg and pour in the egg into the muffin cups. We then told her to put the different vegetables on to each cup. Using her own initiative, she filled each one up separately making sure every cup had each ingredient in. As she was so proud of her work she wanted to eat it straight away.

The minute we explained to her that it now needed to go into the oven to cook we had the worst tantrum we have seen so far. She exploded into a flood of tears and screams. She didn’t want to see them in the oven, she wanted them on the worktop. Taking her off the chair I carried her to her room and sat with her but she wouldn’t calm down; so after 10 minutes I left her on her own. 10 minutes after that, she walked into the living room tears wiped down, and happy as larry asking if it was ready to eat. (luckily it was). The eating part went down a treat especially as she’d helped to cook it, but man I now know, my little one can throw a tantrum and half especially when her chef duties are at a stop.

I wonder if she’ll be as helpful in the kitchen when she’s older and we actually want her to do the cooking! Little Chef in the making.

Baby Z Cooking



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