Look who wants to Sleep

Recently, we have learned the word “tired”. What is more wonderful is that we actually understand the meaning of the word, so for mummy and daddy we can actually understand what Baby Z is feeling. Her favourite is waking up in the morning, and after about 2 hours she begins to walk about complaining that she’s ‘tired’. What’s funny is that, she does this even if she has had a full nights sleep. To add to the exaggeration she makes herself yawn, can you believe it!

After all this, when we do try and put her back to bed, she just squirms and giggles, all to show that she’s tricked us into believing she was ‘tired’. what is funny though is whenever one of us yawns or stretches, she quickly jumps to commentate that we are tired. I have to say it is nice when she does that as we now can rely on her telling us when she wants to sleep during the day.

I remember the time when she would just grab her blanket and bring it over to me and lay her head down on my lap to say she wanted to sleep… how times have changed.

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